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Explore North America and live out your wild west fantasy! With our large map you'll have plenty of space to expand your homestead whether that be by yourself or with friends.

Our Features

Quality of Life

Seasons - Throughout your playtime the scenery around you will change as the seasons come and go, this will fluctuate crop yields, mob spawns as well as night and day length and other smaller changes.

Marriage - Want to live out your brokeback mountain fantasy? Well, buckle down with your partner with our marriage plugin.

Brewery - You will have the ability to craft and drink alcoholic beverages, whether you decide to sell moonshine or drink with friends in the saloon is up to you.

Economy & Towny

Trade - There are different ways on how to trade to help prevent players being scammed, this will be done through chest shops and player to player trade.

Towny - Those looking to saddle up with friends will be able to create their own towns and nations. 

PvP & Towny War

Bounties - Players will be able to set bounties on other players regardless if they deserve to die or not. 

War - Players will be able to air grievances with each other during High Noon.